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Indigenous business books & ebooks

Published by Mark Bodnar

A couple of our graduate business classes this term are exploring Indigenous business and economic development -- a theme that we expect will appear in more classes at all levels in the coming years.

We wrote a post recently about Business and BC's Indigenous Communities to explore some of the many resources available to help students who are working on such assignments.

Today we thought we'd add some additional resources, but this time with a focus on sources that go deeper into the topic and provide more comprehensive information than is typically available on web pages and in articles: ebooks and books! For instance...

Book covers by ISBNs: 9781681231556 9781351106764 9781783533244 9781440801129 9780816524235 9781911396413  9780774821261 9780774851053 3030015033  9780978162856 9781459735866 9781911396413 9780887554674 9780988056909 9781472434852 9781896445496
Click on the book covers above to learn about how to access/find each title here at SFU.

In general, finding books in our SFU Library Catalogue about Canada's Indigenous Peoples can be difficult and frustrating. The terms used to describe such books in most library catalogues are often archaic and definitely inconsistent. You'll see subjects such as Aboriginal, Indigenous, Native, and even Indian being used, as well as terms for specific Indigenous communities and nations such as Tsleil-Waututh Nation.

Aside from any discussion of the appropriateness or accuracy of these terms, their sheer inconsistency is a barrier to good searching. We're working on cleaning that mess up, but since these are standard terms used across thousands of libraries, substantial changes can take some time. 

To help you find titles relevant to Indigenous business topics in the meantime, we've included detailed search instructions -- complete with links to pre-run searches -- in our Library guide for Executive MBA in Indigenous Business and Leadership.

Given the comprehensiveness of the tips in that guide, we'll focus on listing some key titles in this post, rather than on search instructions. The covers of some of these titles were in the display above, but we'll repeat them here in case you were having trouble reading the titles on those little images.

Reading lists

The reading list for the classes this term seems like a great place to start: 

More recommended titles

The following titles are a mix of local, provincial, national, and international... all of which may prove useful: 

About format and access

Finally, a brief note about format and access: the list above includes both ebooks and print books. Some of the titles are available in both formats.


Our ebooks come in a variety of interfaces and access models, depending on the publisher and the licenses they are willing to sell to an academic library.

Where possible, we try to get copies that can be read by many researchers at once, and even downloaded for offline reading. Sometimes, however, the only copies available are licensed for a specific number of simultaneous readers and have limits on the number of pages that can be downloaded or printed.

If you see multiple records for a title, check them all and pick the interface and access model that best suits your needs.

Print books

These titles may be at any or all of our three SFU Library branches: WAC Bennett (Burnaby), Belzberg (Vancouver), or Fraser (Surrey).  See this FAQ for instructions on how to get a print book transferred to the SFU Library branch that is most convenient for you.

Happy reading!  Let us or our library colleagues know if you have any questions.

-- Mark & Moninder
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

Moninder Lalli
Graduate Business Librarian

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