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Researching diversity: CARMA live webcast this Friday

Published by Mark Bodnar

Another CARMA live webcast is coming up this Friday.  This one looks to be most relevant to our Organizational Behaviour/HRM researchers, but it's possible that some of the international business people may also find it useful. (All are welcome, of course!)

When: Friday, Nov. 4th, 9am (PST)

Where: Burnaby, Bennett Library, Research Commons, Seminar Rm 7010
* Note: CARMA allows each subscribing institution a very limited number of logins for viewing the live webcasts, so we've arranged to host them in our Research Commons.  If you have a group of people who can't make it up to Burnaby, contact us and we can look into alternatives, or wait a week and watch the archived version of the webcast when it's available online via CARMA.

Who: Dr. Dave Harrison (UTexas (Austin)) will be delivering...

What: "Variation into Elevation: Diversity Paradigms for Understanding Team and Organizational Outcomes"

"Scholarship on diversity holds a relatively unique position in organizational research, as its main tenets propose that the variance of an antecedent, X (beyond the mean of X), will effect a subsequent mean on an outcome, Y.  I will discuss this paradigm in depth, highlighting the forms of diversity on X that are studied most often -- with a particular emphasis on different conceptual mechanisms through which team composition can have an impact on team effectiveness.  In addition, I will note the forms of measurement that are proper operationalizations of these paradigms, and the analytic procedures for using them appropriately."

More details and registration: via our Research Commons Workshops page.

Presentation slides are already available for this talk, and the archived webcast should be available via our CARMA Video Library within a week or so.  

And if you'd like more notice of the next CARMA live webcast, here's the list of upcoming talks: 

  • Friday December 2: Dr. Adam Meade, North Carolina State University, "Careless Responding"
  • Friday January 13: Dr. Fritz Drasgow, University of Illinois, "Personality Assessment"
  • Friday January 27: Dr. Richard Bagozzi, University of Michigan Ross, "SEM for Small Groups"
  • Friday January 27: Dr. Scott Turner, University of South Carolina, "Mixed Methods"
  • Friday February 24: Dr. Nathan Podakoff, The University of Arizona, "Method Variance"
  • Friday April 7: Dr. Keith Markus, The City University of New York, "Testing Casual Hypotheses"
  • Friday April 7: Dr. Louis Tay, Purdue University, "Construct Validation"

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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