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Trump victory = Increased Craft Beer Sales in US?

Published by Mark Bodnar

Regular BUEC Buzz readers may recall a post I wrote in September on a feature in our Passport database that would allow you to model the forecasted effects of a Trump victory on a number of economic measures in the US, Canada, and beyond.  

Well, now that the victory is in the bag and the effects are imminent, I thought I'd follow up to mention that Passport added a report this morning that digs into the details: Trump Election Victory: What Next for the US Economy and Consumers? (I can't link to it directly, but you could easily log into Passport and find it listed on the database's homepage.)

This article uses the macro economic tool that I described earlier combined with input from Euromonitor's analysts to try to quantify the effect of a Trump presidency on key economic measures like GDP and household income, but also on broad retail categories: Men's Grooming Products down, but Craft Beers up...??

Interesting stuff...

--- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian

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