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New! Argus equity & industry research reports via S&P Capital IQ

Published by Mark Bodnar

Logo of Argus Research GroupLogo of S&P Capital IQ databaseI'm pleased to announce that SFU researchers now have access to equity and industry reports from the Argus Research Company via our S&P Capital IQ database.

To find the Argus reports within S&P Capital IQ, select the Research tab, then pick Argus Research Company from the Contributors list. See my earlier post for other ways to search for research reports in S&P Capital IQ.

Screen capture showing how to search for Argus reports in CapIQ. Instructions are duplicated in the blog text.
Click to enlarge: search steps for finding Argus Research reports in S&P Capital IQ

The majority oScreen capture of the cover of an Argus Industry report from S&P Capital IQ. f CapIQ's Argus documents are equity reports featuring Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations and quantitative analysis, but I'm most excited about the much smaller (but growing!) number of Argus Industry Review & Outlook reports in the database.

Those documents — currently numbering just 26 — offer a detailed overview of broad industries (e.g., Regional Banks, Biotechnology, and Food & Staples Retailing), including a summary of recent changes in the technological, economic, and competitive environment, a listing of major firms, and some tips on what to pay attention to if investing in each industry.

To focus your S&P Capital IQ search on only the Argus Industry Review & Outlook series, choose Argus Research Company from the Contributors list (as above), then add "Argus Industry Review" to the Keyword field, and check off the option to search within the headlines only. Here's a screen capture showing those search steps: 

Screen capture from S&P Capital IQ showing the search steps to find Argus Industry Review & Outlook reports. Duplicating content in text of blog post.
Click to enlarge: search steps for finding Argus Industry Review & Outlook reports.

I've listed the Argus Industry Review & Outlook series among the many other industry research options available to SFU researchers on our Industry Surveys guide.

Questions? I'm only an email away...

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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