Formatting Your Thesis: Abstract

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The abstract contains a clear statement of the essence of the thesis.  The problem or questions dealt with, the methods of investigation used, and the general conclusions are stated here.

  • All versions of the abstract (PDF and abstract entered into the Thesis Registration System) must be the same. The Thesis Registration System requires the abstract to be entered as a single paragraph.
  • Abstract length maximums:
    • Master's degrees: 150 words
    • Doctoral degrees: 350 words 
  • Use plain text only; bullets, numbered paragraphs, citations, footnotes, or graphics are not acceptable in abstracts.
  • The abstract must fit on a single page.


  • Choose words or phrases that will help people to locate your thesis via search tools (library catalogues, Google, etc.)
  • Keywords appear under the abstract and must be entered into the Thesis Registration System.  

Example Keywords:  Maximum 6 words, or phrases; separated by semi-colons; sentence case; no period after