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Publishing in-class book projects with the Library

Jordan and the Magic Cape book cover
Published by Kate Shuttleworth

Students, faculty, and staff at SFU can work with the Library to publish academic and educational content using open source software developed right here at SFU Library through our Digital Publishing division. Read on to learn about some recent book projects created by students in their classes and published with the Library.

Open Access Books published with Digital Publishing

The Library's Digital Publishing program partners with the Public Knowledge Project to provide hosting for open access books published using Open Monograph Press (OMP). Works published by the library must be peer reviewed, edited, and formatted prior to publication, and authors and editors are responsible for arranging peer review and editing of their work prior to publication.

Members of the SFU community, including faculty, staff, and students, are welcome to submit work for consideration for publication in OMP. Work must be educational and / or academic in scope, including conference proceedings, monographs, collections of student writing, and open textbooks. We work with authors and editors to disseminate the work through OMP and the Library catalogue, choose an open license to extend the reach of the work, and apply for an ISBN. OMP can support various publication formats, such as PDF, EPUB, and HTML, and we can provide templates to help with layout editing for the publication.

Learn more about our book publishing options and the support available through Digital Publishing.

Students publishing course books

Our Digital Publishing team is available to provide support and hosting for books published as part of for-credit SFU courses. Students write and edit content for the course book, and may find openly-licensed images online or contribute their own artwork or photography. The students also select an open license for their book to allow for wide dissemination and sharing of their work to a diverse audience.

A Chapbook Anthology of Female Romantic Poets Writing in English

Chapbook Anthology homepage


A Chapbook Anthology of Female Romantic Poets Writing in English was created by Dr. Didicher and her English 427 class in Summer, 2020.


Chapbook Anthology sections


Each student found a poet and poem that interested them and contributed a section to the chapbook. Each section contains a headnote with biographical/other contextual information, an edited version of the poem, and explanatory footnotes.

The students chose to publish their work under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license, allowing readers to share, distribute, and reuse the work for any non-commercial purpose.



Chapbook Anthology sample section


Dr. Didicher writes in the journal’s Introduction, “Some of the poems we chose have a domestic and suitably feminine focus (by the standards of the time)...” while others “focus on politics, warfare, and social justice.”

We invite you to visit the Chapbook and explore the students' work!



Jordan and the Magic Cape

Homepage of Jordan and the Magic Cape


Jordan and the Magic Cape, a children’s book on the topic of textile sustainability, was conceptualized, written, and illustrated by students in IAT 330 working with Make Change Studio in Fall, 2020, and was published in OMP in February, 2021.



Jordan and the Magic Cape synopsis and formats


The students created the children's book "in order to support young people to engage with the challenges surrounding textile sustainability and to inspire opportunities for learning."

The book is available in PDF and EPUB, and is open access and openly licensed.



Sample pages from Jordan and the Magic Cape


We welcome you to visit and download the book and share it with those who might enjoy the colourful illustrations, engaging story, and powerful message.



Other open access books published by the Library

Check out the Digital Publishing book collection, as well as books published with the Library through Archaeology Press, and our complete list of course projects (which include books and journals).

How can I start a publishing project with the library?

In addition to publishing books using Open Monograph Press, the Library supports open access journal publishing in Open Journal Systems (OJS).

Learn more about Digital Publishing Services available through SFU Library.

Have a project idea that might be a good fit for OJS or OMP? Interested in running an open access publishing project in your class? Please review the information on our website and get in touch at!

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