Book publishing options with SFU Library

SFU Library Digital Publishing provides free open access publishing and technical support through Open Monograph Press (OMP) for scholarly work produced by SFU authors.

Please note that the Library is not accepting proposals for new monograph and conference publishing projects at this time, effective October 2022. We continue to accept proposals for course books created by and / or for undergraduate and graduate students as part of a for-credit class.

 Check back soon for open textbook publishing support coming in early 2023.

What is Open Monograph Press?

Open Monograph Press is an open source software platform for managing the editorial workflow required to see monographs, edited volumes and scholarly editions through internal and external review, editing, cataloguing, production, and publication. OMP can operate as a press website with catalog, distribution, and sales capacities. While most publications will be published as standalone books on SFU’s press site, larger projects may be given their own press site, as seen with SFU Archaeology Press.

While most backend operations for single monographs published through our publishing services will be handled by SFU staff, you may be interested in learning more about Open Monograph Press and how it is used for independent publishing at The Public Knowledge Project: Open Monograph Press.

Why publish with us?

The SFU Library is committed to publishing high quality scholarship from its faculty and students. We are particularly interested in work that falls outside of the market of traditional university presses and may exist within emerging fields of study or in the margins between disciplines. Working with us, your work will be open, online, and discoverable by scholars around the world.

Our projects

Standalone Monographs

Monograph Series

Monograph hosting eligibility: Changes effective October 2022

 Please note that the Library is not accepting proposals for new monograph and conference publishing projects at this time. We continue to accept proposals for course books created by and / or for undergraduate and graduate students as part of a for-credit class.

 Check back soon for open textbook publishing support coming in early 2023.

Our monograph hosting services are limited to scholarly work by one or more eligible SFU authors. The work must be submitted to the Library while the author's affiliation is current, and must have been completed as part of the author's work or studies at SFU. Eligible SFU authors include:

  • Current faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students working under the supervision of a faculty member;
  • Visiting faculty, postdoctoral researchers, research associates, and adjunct professors;
  • SFU Professors Emeriti/ae.

The types of scholarly work that can be hosted with our services includes: 

  • Scholarly books that present important research and stimulate intellectual discussion.
  • Course books for and / or by undergraduate and graduate students that contribute to ongoing scholarship.
  • Books that bridge the gap between research and practice, offering creative tools for navigating complex environments.

However, other types of scholarly work may be considered. Please feel free to contact us with your proposals.

Eligibility for hosting conference proceedings in OMP

Digital Publishing can host conference proceedings in OMP under the following conditions:

  • The conference is hosted at and / or by one or more SFU faculty members whose SFU affiliation is current at the time that the proceedings are published. The SFU faculty member must be the conference chair or program chair for the year the conference proceedings are to be published through SFU Digital Publishing.
  • The publication is understood to be a single, one-time publication instance for proceedings / abstracts for the year that the agreement is made. If the conference repeats in future years, the new conference chair or host will be responsible for establishing how and where the proceedings / abstracts will be published, and there is no expectation that SFU Library will host previous or subsequent proceedings for that conference.
  • The conference host is responsible for providing a professionally formatted PDF document containing all elements (title page, table of contents, individual article / abstracts on separate pages with titles, author names and affiliations, and copyright details), in a production-ready format. 
  • The conference host acknowledges that the work will be published open access under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, unless another license is requested. The conference host is responsible for informing individual authors of the proceedings that their work will be published open access with the license specified.

Monograph publishing workflow

Email us at with the following information, and our staff will review your request.

1.    Read and sign the SFU Library Digital Publishing Terms and Conditions, which outline the responsibilities for SFU Library and authors whose content is published as part of our Digital Publishing services.

2.    Tell us about your publication.

Email us with: 

  1. Your name:
  2. Your affiliation to SFU:
  3. Your contact information, or the contact information of the main point of contact for the project:
  4. Title or proposed title of work: 
  5. Collaborator details: 
  6. The nature and scope of your work (attach a manuscript if available): a brief description of the work, whether it is part of a series, etc.
  7. A signed copy of the SFU Library Digital Publishing Terms and Conditions.
  8. Information about the existence of any figures and images in the manuscript.
  9. If the manuscript is not yet completed, an expected timeline or estimated completion date of the final peer reviewed manuscript.

A member of the Digital Publishing team will be in touch to let you know the status of your request, and to discuss the next steps. 

3. Arrange for peer review and copyediting of your work. Content will need to undergo review, copyediting, and formatting before it is published on our platform. We require authors to locate their own peer reviewers, copyeditors, and layout editors. Editors Canada provides an online directory of editors. You will need to secure copyright permissions for all third-party materials that will be used in the publication. Please see our Copyright Guidelines for SFU Digital Publishing Projects for further information.

4. Submit your final draft. Once your accepted publication is finalized, we will add it to our publishing platform. The manuscript will be published open access with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 License, unless a different Creative Commons license or equivalent license is requested by the author. The author will retain copyright of the work. 

5. Share and distribute your work. SFU Digital Publishing will supply an ISBN for your book, and will share it openly through the Open Monograph Press platform; however, we are not able to offer any promotional or marketing services for work published through our services. We recommend sharing and distributing your work through various channels to connect with relevant audiences.