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The Digital Publishing team at SFU Library offers software, training, and expertise for members of the SFU community who are creating online, open access publications including journals, conference proceedings, volumes of student work, and textbooks. As a content editor you will have access to software, support and training to publish, share, and preserve your online, open access publication.

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Digital Publishing
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Simon Fraser University
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Interested in working with us on a Digital Publishing project? Please contact:

Kate Shuttleworth

Digital Publishing Librarian


 What types of software are available through SFU Digital Publishing?

Open Source publishing software from the Public Knowledge Project

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) produces open-source software including Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), and Open Preprint Systems (OPS). These tools guide users through the editorial workflow of scholarly publishing, including submission, review, editing, publishing and indexing. More than 30,000 journals in 150 countries use OJS to publish research in 60+ languages, making it the most widely used scholarly publishing software in the world. In 2022 PKP became an SFU Core Facility, allowing PKP to draw on the institutional support of the Office of the Vice President, Research and International, in addition to its ongoing close working relationships with the SFU Publishing Studies program and the SFU Library and its Digital Publishing division.

OJS, OMP, and OPS:

  • Manage the editorial workflow of scholarly publishing, including submission, review, editing, publishing and indexing. 
  • Support multimedia content such as audio, video, and image files. 
  • Use user-friendly functionality with a straightforward interface so you do not need to know how to code to set-up and run your own journal or monograph. 
  • Allow for custom edits to enhance the look and feel of your journal, press, or preprint server if you have coding expertise on your team. 

SFU faculty, staff, and students can receive free access to Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), and Open Preprint Systems (OPS) to publish online, open access journals, monograph series, and preprints through SFU Library Digital Publishing.

 Interested in working with us on a journal publishing project? See Journal publishing options with SFU Library

Pressbooks software for open textbook publishing from BC Campus

Pressbooks is an online publishing tool for creating, adapting, and sharing open textbooks. Instructors can author a new textbook in Pressbooks or find, clone, and adapt an existing textbook for their class.

BC Campus hosts a self-serve instance of Pressbooks which is available for instructors and staff from post-secondary institutions in British Columbia and the Yukon.

 Interested in working on a textbook publishing project in Pressbooks? See our Open Textbook Publishing page to learn more.

 Digital Publishing services available through SFU Library 

The following supports and services are available through SFU Library Digital Publishing. Please note that we are not a University Press. We do not have an in-house editorial team, and we cannot provide support for print publications.

Publication setup and support

  • We offer consultations with journal editors and teams to help you decide if OJS, OMP, OPS, or Pressbooks is the right platform for your content and workflow requirements.
  • We help you set up your publication website and assist with basic design and initial set-up of your website  (banner images, colour schemes, pre-set themes)
  • We will provide an orientation to the journal or editorial team on the use of OJS, OMP, or OPS, or Pressbooks. 
  • If you are migrating previously published content from another platform, we will show you how to load the content into the system to get you started.

Preservation for your publication

If you are publishing with PKP software (OJS, OPS, or OMP), we will let you know how the content will be backed-up and preserved through SFU servers.

Identifiers for journals, textbooks, and articles

We can help you obtain an ISSN, ISBN, and DOIs for your journal, textbook, and articles. 

Support for visibility of your journal or textbook

We will suggest the best ways to increase the visibility of your publication and ensure the content is widely accessible to suitable audiences.

Information about editorial and publication standards 

The Digital Publishing team can consult with content editors to ensure your publication meets open access publication standards such as those outlined by the Directory of Open Access Journals the Committee on Publication Ethics. These standards include:

  • Transparency around peer review and other editorial practices
  • Creative commons licensing and copyright retention for authors
  • Editorial board membership and makeup
  • Accessibility of published content
  • And more

 For more information, please see Steps for setting up your journal.