Media and Maker Commons, 2018-2019: W.A.C. Bennett Library renewal

Architects sketch of the media and maker commons

As part of the SFU Innovates initiative we are creating a Media and Maker Commons on the main floor of the Bennett Library, one that is attractive, inviting, and highly visible from the Convocation Mall and the Library entrance in order to encourage student use.

The space has been designed to feel creative, comfortable and inspiring, and wil be arranged into zones of activity: media, maker, book arts, plus staff and storage areas.  The Media and Maker Commons will bring together tools, expertise, and mentorship to support users to create and invent. 

The maker tools might include 3D printers, electronics, robotics, sewing, laser cutter, and a vintage printing press. 

Media spaces will include a one-button video studio, podcasting studio, editing room and virtual reality room

Regardless of the technology available, the primary purpose of Maker Commons is to foster cross-disciplinary learning, collaboration, and engagement within a creative, “do it yourself” culture.  The goal is to empower users to insert themselves into the production process and become “makers”.

Construction will begin on the Media and Maker Commons in Fall 2018 with a completion target of Summer 2019. 

For more information, see the Current plans (November 2018).

plan of the media and maker commons