Exhibits and projects: Special Collections and Rare Books

Physical exhibits

Special Collections and Rare Books welcomes visitors to view our physical exhibits throughout the year, presented in flat cases at the entrance of Special Collections reading room and in vitrines on the third floor of WAC Bennett Library.

Admission is always free.

What’s on at the W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)

  3rd floor (entry level)

Indigenous Poetry: Verse from the Lutz Collection

This exhibit features a selection of poetry books from the Hartmut Lutz Collection of Indigenous Literature donated to Special Collections and Rare Books in 2018. This exhibit's selections represent a glimpse into twentieth and twenty-first century Indigenous poetry in Canada and the United States.

November 2022–March 2023

  7th floor (outside SCRB)

Ex Libris Robin Blaser: "New American" Companions

This exhibit features a selection of books from the library of Robin Blaser, donated to SFU Library in 2020. The exhibit also features selected items relating to Robin Blaser's own work as a "New American" poet in San Francisco in the 1950s and '60s, plus that of three of his close contemporary associates and allies: the poets Jack Spicer, Robert Duncan, and Charles Olson.

March–May 2023


Previous exhibits

Learn about past exhibits curated by SCRB staff, as well as faculty and students in the SFU community.

Online exhibits and projects

Explore our online exhibits, featured digitized collections, and ongoing projects featuring the rare and unique materials from the holdings of Special Collections and Rare Books.