Exhibits and projects: Special Collections and Rare Books

 Physical exhibits

Special Collections and Rare Books welcomes visitors to view our physical exhibits throughout the year, presented in flat cases at the entrance of Special Collections reading room and in vitrines on the third floor of WAC Bennett Library.

Admission is always free.

What’s on at the W.A.C. Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby)

 3rd floor (entry level)

Archival Oddities: Discovering the Unexpected in Special Collections and Rare Books

As guardians of historical documentation, archives are known to contain manuscripts, primary and published materials, rare books, and archival materials. However, even we that work in Special Collections & Rare Books are surprised to discover items that depart from the conventional inside our vast collections. 

As the name suggests, Archival Oddities is an exhibit that showcases a collection of unusual and intriguing items that one might not expect to find in an archive. The exhibit features a diverse range of materials including toy robots, a poem made of dirt, a book with a dried worm, spoons, floppy disks, figurines, video games, a poem of seeds, wooden spoons, textiles, and more. 

January-April 2024

 7th floor (outside SCRB)

Lisa Robertson's Vancouver

Lisa Robertson's Vancouver, curated by Fulbright Canada visiting scholar Katie Naughton, features books, ‘zines, magazine articles, and ephemera from SFU alumna, the poet and cultural critic Lisa Robertson, who lived and worked in Vancouver for over two decades starting in the 1980s. The exhibit also follows Robertson’s interrogation of the idea of site-specificity to examine the links between more obviously site-specific works and more apparently personal works in her oeuvre.

January - April 2024



Previous exhibits

Learn about past exhibits curated by SCRB staff, as well as faculty and students in the SFU community.

 Online exhibits and projects

Explore our online exhibits, featured digitized collections, and ongoing projects featuring the rare and unique materials from the holdings of Special Collections and Rare Books.