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During COVID-19, Student Learning Commons services continue.
For the complete range, including consultations, support, workshops, handouts, and groups, see SLC services continue online.  


SFU Undergraduate students can submit papers online to WriteAway and get formative feedback from expert writing tutors. 

Submit to WriteAway for free, fast, and friendly feedback. Qualified tutors from 17 post-secondary institutions in BC and Alberta will review student submissions and provide suggestions on how students can improve their writing skills. 

Here are recent testimonials from SFU students who used the service:

"I can't believe how much WriteAway has helped me improve my writing in university. The tutors do an amazing job. I'm so happy that this service exists because it has made an incredible difference for me."
"I am so grateful for all the amazing tutors! I get so excited when I receive the email with feedback, the tutors are always encouraging and kind while also extremely helpful. I love the simple, concrete methods of teaching by offering links and explaining areas of weakness with depth and detail. Thank you!!"
"With each submission, I notice my writing getting better in a more effective, concrete way."
Check out writeaway.ca for more details and to submit your paper today!


May 17 - August 9
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