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Student Learning Commons: Become a Peer Educator

Writing and Learning Peer Education is recruiting for January 2019 now through .

There are two Peer Programs based in the SLC (Burnaby and Surrey):  The Writing and Learning Peer Educators, and the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Peer Educators.  We recruit Writing and Learning Peers for September and January starts, and EAL Peers to start in September.

The two groups of Peers at the SLC are part of the larger SFU Peer Education Program, which offers a variety of volunteer experiences for personal and professional development.  Other Peer Education programs include Career Peers, Health Peers, Sustainability Peers, Science and Math Peers, Active Living Peers, and the Global Engagement Student Committee.

Writing and Learning Peer Educators 

The Writing and Learning Peers are undergraduate student volunteers who help their fellow students with writing and study strategies.  They are selected based on at least a 3.0 GPA, solid academic writing skills, interpersonal skills, and attitude, and receive in-depth ongoing training on topics such as interpersonal communications, effective and ethical tutoring techniques, writing-in-the-disciplines, and language structure. 

The benefits of volunteering as a Writing and Learning Peer include:

  • Developing career-related skills in preparation for employment or further education; 
  • Becoming part of a community of like-minded students and professionals;
  • Gaining access to a social/ study space available to members of that community;
  •  Enhancing personal growth and awareness of personal learning and writing strategies;
  • Receiving feedback on your performance, and letters of reference upon request and satisfactory performance;
  • Gaining recognized tutoring credentials (College Reading and Learning Association's International Tutor Program Certification) upon completion of 25 and 50 consultation hours; and
  • Giving back to the SFU community!

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Peers

The EAL Peers work in depth with clients over the course of a semester to provide English language conversation support, run the Let's Talk conversation groups, and also meet with clients for speaking consultations.  These Peers are selected on the basis of conversational fluency in English.

Contact and further information

For more information about becoming a Writing and Learning Peer Educator, please contact Learning Services Coordinators Ruth Silverman  (Burnaby) at or Cynthia Wright (Surrey) at

For more information about becoming an EAL Peer Educator, contact EAL/ESL Coordinator Tim Mossman at

For general information about Peer Education throughout SFU, please contact Student Engagement at