How it works: SLC stamp card and prizes

Attend SLC workshops and consultations. Collect stamps. Get a prize.

 How it works 

Step 1

Get a stamp card from the Student Learning Commons on the Burnaby or Surrey campus.

​​​​[If you attend a workshop or consultation before you have a stamp card, we can provide retroactive stamps.]

Step 2

Attend SLC Workshops (including Let's Talk), Consultations, and Conversation Partner sessions to earn stamps.

​​[You can earn a stamp for recorded webinars, as long as you complete our Co-Curricular Record reflection form.]

Step 3

Once you've earned 4 stamps, exchange your card for an SLC prize -- your choice of a flashlight pen or a set of earbuds with a carrying case. 

 Why it works 

Beyond winning a prize, the SLC stamp card is intended to encourage you to build a habit of seeking support for writing, learning, and language strategies to support your academic success.

Seeking support for your academic work showcases your commitment to learning, growing, and challenging yourself. 

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023
Student Learning Commons, SFU Burnaby and Surrey
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