Student Learning Commons: Same day virtual consultation appointments

Drop-in consultations

Drop-in appointment slots are available for on-campus consultations. To drop-in to an appointment, you need to arrive at a Student Learning Commons campus location prior to the start of the consultation (consultations begin both on the hour and the half hour). Drop-in consultations are booked on a first come, first serve basis. 

Typically, the Burnaby SLC location has the most available drop-in appointment slots. 

Same day bookings on the virtual schedule

You may book a same day virtual consultation. Same day bookings can be made with 2 hours notice. For example, if it is 10am, you will be able to book yourself into any consultation beginning after 12pm that day. 

Wait list feature 

You may also use the wait list feature on WCO to be notified if a booked appointment time becomes available. If the appointment is cancelled, all students on the wait list will be notified. 

Note: You will not automatically be booked into an appointment that you are on the wait list for. When you receive notification that an appointment has become available, you will need to log back into WCO and book the appointment slot for yourself. 

If an appointment for which you are on the wait list becomes available less than 2 hours before the appointment start time, you can email to see if SFU staff can book you into the consultation time. 

Same day and wait list consultations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Before coming for your first consultation, please review the following important documents:

  1. Student Consultation Agreement
  2. Get the Most Out of Your Consultations