Knowledge mobilization: Resources and tips to get started

An intentional approach to enhance the real-world impact of research through knowledge exchange between researchers and end-users - collaboratively building research, sharing findings, and engaging with research outputs and products.

How SFU's Knowledge Mobilization Manager can support you

Some of the ways we can work with you:

  • Help with developing knowledge mobilization plans for grant applications.
  • Support to initiate your knowledge mobilization strategy post-award.
  • Identifying SFU resources to support your knowledge mobilization activities.
  • Request tailored training in principles and skills of knowledge mobilization.

If you need help, please contact Lupin Battersby, Knowledge Mobilization Manager, at or 778.782.7434.

Register for a knowledge mobilization workshop

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Knowledge mobilization strategies and tools

Build community relationships

Ways to build relationships with your stakeholders and partners:

Use plain language

Use plain language practices when communicating with stakeholders and partners:

Create data visualizations

Data visualizations let your readers explore your research in new ways.

Get creative with interactive data visualizations, diagrams, and infographics:

Host or take part in community events

Engage your community through activities and events:

Connect with journalists and traditional media

Attend an SFU Communications and Marketing workshop, such as:

Get listed in the SFU Media Experts Directory to be contacted by journalists for comment on topical issues. 

Connect with your faculty communicator.  

Get the word out with other forms of media

Share your work through various media platforms:

Connect with policymakers

Learn more about how to share your research with policymakers by reviewing our Research Meets Policy explainers: 

Evaluate the impact

Be sure to track and assess the impact of your knowledge mobilization activities: