Tableau: Getting Tableau and resources for learning about the software

Tableau Desktop is a data visualization software. Researchers use it to create static or interactive infographic views of datasets, present and share them in different ways: in print, via social media, and embed in blog and website.

Getting Tableau software

 To get a free one-year license of Tableau Desktop, check out the Tableau academic programs offers for students and instructors.

 Tableau Public is a free limited version of Tableau Desktop for users to create and share visualization online. As soon as a workbook is published to Tableau Public, the visualization is accessible by anyone on the internet, so be sure to only use data that is suitable for a public audience

SFU services and support for Tableau and visual analytics

The SFU Library Research Commons offers an introductory workshop that orients users to Tableau. If you are interested in booking a workshop for your class or research group, please email

Tableau consultations are typically 30 - 60 minutes and are available to researchers from any discipline. To book a consultation, please email

Upcoming workshops and registration

Next semester's workshops will be posted soon.

Resources for learning Tableau

Resources from Tableau

Further resources