School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) equipment collection

Borrowing policy and equipment availability

Equipment in SIAT collection may be borrowed for use in class or in production of assignments required by the curriculum; not for personal use or for projects that are not directly related to an assignment.

Unless otherwise noted, equipment is available for students currently enrolled in an IAT course. Please note that:

  • Most equipment is reserved for use by specific IAT course
  • Course availability and loan periods are noted on the equipment inventory list
  • Select equipment may require additional permission from SIAT department and the completion of supplementary agreement forms 
  • Additional terms of availability may be applied on select equipment, due to special circumstances and/or at request of SIAT department
  • SIAT staff, faculty and graduate students may borrow equipment for professional development or research, provided it does not interfere with undergraduate student access.

Equipment booking

IAT students can book equipment reserved for IAT courses (IAT 100, IAT 202, IAT 244, IAT 344, etc.) online at IAT reserved Equipment Booking tool.

Note that:

  • Bookings are limited to once per week for each item
  • Booked equipment is available for pick up between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • You may request alternate pick up time; approval may be granted at staff’s discretion
  • Booked equipment can only be picked up/borrowed by the person who made the booking.  SFU ID card must be present, and borrower’s ID must match the name on the booking.
  • For all other equipment booking request including Instructors and TAs booking for lecture and labs use Fraser library equipment request form.

Equipment workshop slides and quizzes

  • IAT 100 digital camera workshop video and slides [PDF]
    • Completion of Camera quiz is required to borrow SIAT camera equipment
  • IAT 202 Sound Recorder [PDF]
  • IAT 202, 244 & 344 Lighting workshop slides [Powerpoint] [PDF]
    • Completion of Lighting quiz is required to borrow SIAT lighting equipment

Other resources

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