The Games Room and collection at Fraser Library (SFU Surrey)

 Welcome to the Games Room!

The Games Collection and Room at Fraser Library (SFU Surrey) are here to support teaching, learning, and research by SFU faculty, staff and students. Beyond academic life, though, these games are here for the broader well-being of the SFU community, providing opportunities for social connection and engagement.

In order to ensure a pleasant environment and to respect the rights of all members of the campus community, we ask all users of the Games Room to respect our Code of Conduct.

Current SFU student, faculty and staff may borrow console games and board games for 21 days. Visit our Loan periods for games and consoles page for more details.


The Library has games for all the platforms shown; click on the links to see a list of games for each.



    Sony Playstation





      • Arcade Legend [available in the Games Room]
      • PC
      • Mac



        Current SFU student, faculty and staff may borrow the following game consoles for 21 days. 


         Finding games & related materials in the Library's collection

        All video games are listed in the Library Catalogue. You may also click on a platform above to bring up a list of games the library owns.

        The Library also has collects materials about gaming, some of which are linked below:

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