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Equipment at Fraser Library (Surrey)



Policies and borrower responsibilities

Fraser Library (Surrey) loans equipment to support teaching, learning, and research by faculty, staff and students at Surrey campus. The purpose of this policy is to provide equitable access to the equipment for curriculum use, to maximize availability of the equipment, to minimize damage to the equipment as well as inconvenience to users.

In addition to the specific policies below, equipment loans are subject to the SFU Library Loan Policy.

Access requirements

  • Equipment is loaned to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a course at SFU
  • Equipment may be borrowed for use in class or in production of assignments required by the curriculum; not for personal use or for projects that are not directly related to an assignment
  • Students may borrow equipment during a semester in which they are attending classes and not during semester breaks
  • Only Students and faculty of SIAT may borrow equipment from SIAT equipment collection
  • SIAT faculty and graduate student may borrow equipment for professional development or research, provided it does not interfere with undergraduate student access
  • Other Surrey faculty and staff may borrow equipment for classroom use, provided it does not interfere with undergraduate student access
  • Loans are subject to availability
  • Loans of specified equipment may be limited at times to only certain classes


  • NEW!  To request equipment (except for IAT course reserved items), use the Fraser library equipment request booking form
  • Equipment reserved for IAT courses can be booked online at IAT reserved Equipment Booking
    • Limited bookings per type of equipment per user; generally no more than once per week
    • Booked equipment is available for pick up at 1:00 p.m. and will be held until 3:00 p.m.
    • If you wish to arrange for a later pick up time (after 3 p.m.), you must notify staff before your booking expires and approval will be granted at staff's discretion.

Borrower's responsibilities

  • To ensure that all the equipment is complete and working before leaving the Library
  • To use the equipment at their own risk; the Library takes no responsibility for student work or materials damaged due to faulty equipment
  • To ensure that they have sufficient training and knowledge to correctly operate the equipment borrowed
  • To use the equipment carefully and to minimize wear and tear
  • To notify a Library staff member immediately if the equipment is not working properly
  • To ensure that all equipment is returned on time and to pay any assessed late fees, if required. Check your receipt or online library record for due dates and times.


  • Equipment required for courses
    • Most equipment is limited to use by only students in certain courses
    • Check the inventory page for limitations
    • Note: library staff have the most up-to-date information on limitations, which might not be reflected on either the inventory or booking sheets
  • Equipment requiring training
    • Undergraduate students are required to complete appropriate online quizzes
    • For example cameras, camcorders and lighting kits borrowers must have participated in either in a class or workshop on the specific make and model of equipment, and have achieved 100% on the appropriate online quiz
    • Faculty and graduate students may also borrow, provided it does not interfere with undergraduate student access


  • Any item on extended loan can be recalled if requested by another user
  • Late returns on recalled material are subject to late fees


  • All equipment must be returned to the library branch where it was checked out
  • Equipment must be returned directly to library staff; you are responsible for it until it is checked in.
  • When you return the equipment, make sure that you are returning every item in the kit. Check to make sure that you have not left a video tape in the tape compartment, or tripod quick-release plates on the bottom of the camera.
  • You do not need to recharge the battery. We will do that as part of the testing procedure.
  • Let the library staff know immediately if there are any damaged parts, or if the item has malfunctioned in any way.
  • SIAT equipment will be deemed lost after 2 weeks of overdue and lost charges will be applied.

Loan Periods and Fines

  • Vary by equipment—Check your borrowing receipt or library record for due date
  • Renewals are done at the discretion of staff and must be requested before item is due
    • First three renewals may be done by phone by calling Surrey campus library (778-782-7411)
    • Subsequent renewals must be done in person with the equipment present at Surrey campus library
    • Renewal request by email or text will not be honoured
    • Fines will incur for renewal of overdue items
  • Extended loans
    • Undergraduate students
      • If equipment is needed for an assignment for more than one day and their instructor notifies the library by email
      • If the item is not in demand
      • Subject to recall
    • Graduate students
      • Loans of equipment can be extended at the discretion of staff if the item is not in demand and may be subject to recall
    • Faculty
      • Loans can be extended if the item is not in demand
      • Subject to recall

Late fines

Overnight and two day loans are due at noon, and if borrowed on Friday are due Monday at noon. The fine for overdue equipment is $3 per hour.

  • $3 per hour to a maximum of $200 (for 4hr, 1 day and 2 day loan equipment)
  • $25 per day to a maximum of $200 (for 1 week and 3 week loan equipment)
  • $25 additional fine for 4hr on-campus use equipment not returned by library service closing time

Damaged, lost or stolen equipment

The equipment is very fragile and must be handled carefully. You will be charged full repair or replacement costs for damaged, lost or stolen equipment.

Borrowing requirements for SIAT Undergraduate students

  1. Completion of the appropriate equipment workshop(s)
  2. Score of 100% on the appropriate quiz(zes) and results brought to the Library Loans Desk