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This guide is designed to help you get started with your Communication research.  Find books, journal articles, and additional research resources available to you at SFU Library.  

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If you need help, please contact Sylvia Roberts, Liaison Librarian for Communication & Contemporary Arts at SFU Vancouver: 778.782.5043 (main) SFU Burnaby: 778.782.3681 or or Ask a librarian.

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Help with course assignments

100 level

  • CMNS 110 (Burnaby)  Introduction to Communication Studies (Daniel Ahadi) (updated:  Oct 18)
  • CMNS 130 (Burnaby) Communication and Social Change (Svitlana Matviyeko) (updated: Sept 18)
  • CMNS 110 / 130 (Fraser International College) Explorations in Mass Communication (updated: May 14)

200 level

  • CMNS 201 Empirical Methods for Communications Research [Frederik Lesage) (updated: Fall 18]
  • CMNS 220 (Burnaby)  Understanding Television (Zoe Druick) (updated: Feb 16)
  • CMNS 230 (Burnaby)  The Cultural Industries in Canada: Global Context (Sarah Ganter) (updated: Spring 18)
  • CMNS 253 (Burnaby) Introduction to Information Technology: The new media (Svitlana Matviyenko) (updated: Spring 18)
  • CMNS 253 (CODE) Introduction to Information Technology:  The new media (updated: Fall 17)
  • CMNS 261  Documentary Research in Communication (Anis Rahman)  (updated: Spring 17)

300 level

  • CMNS 326 Finding data (updated: Nov 15)
  • CMNS 334 Cultural Policy research guide  (updated: Fall 17)
  • CMNS 362 (Vincent Andrisani ) Evaluation Methods for Applied Communication Research (updated: Fall18]

400 level

  • CMNS 431 (Burnaby) News Research and Analysis [Robert Hackett]  [updated: Sept 16]
  • CMNS 487 (Burnaby) Collective Memory and Public Discourse (Jan Marontate) (updated: Sept 15)
  • CMNS 488 (Vancouver)  Art Worlds (Jan Marontate) (updated: Sept 15)

Graduate research

  • CMNS 800 (Vancouver)  Contemporary research in Communication Studies (Alison Beale) (updated: Sept 17]
  • CMNS 801 (Burnaby)  Design and methodology in Communication Research (Frederik Lesage)  [updated Jan 18}

New Communication books