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Introduction to Literary Theory

Literary Movements

Colonialism and Postcolonialism

Works of literature from specific countries and cultures







  • Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature [print]


Latin America

Middle East


  • Reference Guide to Russian Literature [print]

United States

Travel and Displacement

World Literature for Children

Conflict, Trauma, and Revolution

General websites

  • Translation Database. (University of Rochester). Tracks all original publications of fiction and poetry published in the U.S. in English translation.
  • Invitation to World Literature by Annenberg Learner.  Video programs and website. 13 great works of world literature (The Epic of Gilgamesh, My Name Is Red, The Odyssey, The Bacchae, The Bhagavad Gita, The Tale of Genji, Journey to the West, Popol Vuh, Candide, Things Fall Apart, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The God of Small Things, and The Thousand and One Nights.
  • Index Translationum: UNESCO's searchable bibliography of books translated throughout the world.
  • Words Without Borders: The online magazine for international literature.  Categorized world literature links including websites, journals, and blogs.
  • Routledge Translation Studies Portal: Offers a wide range of online resources and teaching materials, links to key organizations, and showcase of Routledge's  titles in translation and interpreting studies

Associations and organizations

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