World Languages and Literatures information resources: Additional resources

These resources in World Literature are organized by theme.

Introduction to Literary Theory

Literary Movements

Colonialism and Postcolonialism

Works of literature from specific countries and cultures







  • Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature [print]


Latin America

Middle East


  • Reference Guide to Russian Literature [print]

United States

Travel and Displacement

World Literature for Children

Conflict, Trauma, and Revolution

General websites

  • Translation Database. (University of Rochester). Tracks all original publications of fiction and poetry published in the U.S. in English translation.
  • Invitation to World Literature. 13 great works of world literature, including the Epic of Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, Candide, The Thousand and One Nights
  • Index Translationum: UNESCO's searchable bibliography of books translated throughout the world.
  • Words Without Borders: The online magazine for international literature.  Categorized world literature links including websites, journals, and blogs.
  • Routledge Translation Studies Portal: Offers a wide range of online resources and teaching materials, links to key organizations, and showcase of Routledge's  titles in translation and interpreting studies

Associations and organizations

Other Library research guides