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Urban transportation

This web page is intended to help you find information for the urban transportation industry.   If you need help, please contact Nina Smart, Liaison Librarian, at 778.782.5043 (inaccessible due to library closure) (Monday to Thursday ), or . Additionally, help is available at Ask a librarian.

Note: Several industry resources use North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), so refer to: NAICS 48 - 49 Transportation and Warehousing or the United Nations  International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) "H", starting p. 194.  For resources using Standard industrial Classification for Transportation industries see Division E   

Canadian resources

Statistics Canada sources 


Organizations and Associations

American resources

  • Encyclopedia of American Industries [online] Select Volume 2, select Transportation, then look under NAICS 485
  • Plunkett's Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Almanac 2016  [online] American industry trends and statistics e.g. Car-sharing programs
  • IBISWorld Use NAICS, or click on US Industry Reports / Transportation and Warehousing


International resources

Organizations and conferences

  • IRJ International Railway Journal "managers, engineers and manufacturers of the world's railroads, commuter rail, metro, light rail and tram systems"
  • ITE Institute of Transportation Engineers "association of transportation professionals who work to improve mobility and safety for all transportation system users" includes Technical Resources
  • ITF International Transport Forum (OECD) "think tank for transport policy...covers all transport modes"
  • ITDP Institute for Transportation and Development Policy "Accelerate the growth of sustainable transport and urban development around the world"
  • Land Transport WTO sector services
  • Passenger Transport OECD Data - other data includes passenger car registrations and road accidents
  • Railfuture (UK) "Campaigning for better rail services for passengers and freight"
  • Transport Research (RAND Europe) Sample project: Driving in the Future in Developing Countries
  • Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) "in-depth information on large programmes and specific projects across Europe and at national level"
  • UIC The Worldwide Railway Organisation "Promote rail transport at world level with the objective of optimally meeting current and future challenges of mobility and sustainable development"
  • Conference: Urban Transport 2019 25th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment.  Other notable conferences:  Global Public Transport Summit (CUTA);  Canadian Transportation Research Forum; Transportation Research Board annual meeting; and Transportation Association of Canada.

Journal article databases

News and business articles

  • Business Source Complete Industry articles and reports. Start your reports search by clicking on Industry Profiles on the right side of the Business Source Complete screen (and keyword: transportation) or go straight to MarketLine Industry Profiles,  where you can limit by railroads AND Europe, or transportation AND Canada, for example
  • CBCA Complete Full text index on Canadian topics, including newspaper articles, business and industry publications, with a Canadian focus
  • Factiva  Fulltext resource covering news, company and industry information (e.g. Transportation and then by Region such as Europe). Can search by individual title (e.g. Railway Age)
  • See also:  News resources: Finding newspaper articles and newspapers


You can also browse individual journals, such as:


  • The geography of urban transportation [print] covers "passenger and freight dynamics in the American metropolis; the urban transportation planning process, including the use of GIS; and questions related to public transit, land use, energy, equity, environmental impacts, and more"
  • Handbook of research methods and applications in transport economics and policy (online) "covering issues such as estimating cost functions, modelling of demand, dealing with externalities, examining industry ownership and structure, pricing and investment decisions and measuring economic impacts"
  • Urban access for the 21st century : finance and governance models for transport infrastructure (online)"sets out a road map for the provision of urban access for all"
  • See also: Transportation titles in Urban Studies Background information

Historical titles

  • A history of transportation in Canada. Volume I, Continental strategy to 1867 [online and print] and Volume II, National economy, 1867-1936 [online and print]
  • Lines of country : an atlas of railway and waterway history in Canada [print]
  • The story of Canadian roads [online and print]

Sample  SFU Library Catalogue Subject headings:

Sustainable transportation resources


  • Sustainable transportation planning : tools for creating vibrant, healthy, and resilient communities [online and print]
  • An introduction to sustainable transportation : policy, planning and implementation  [online and print]
  • Transport Revolutions Moving People and Freight without Oil [online and print]

Organizations and Websites


American and International

Public Transit

Walking and Biking

Further resources

Note: Many of the resources on this page were gleaned from  Mark Bodnar's business guide Industry Surveys, and thanks to Alex Thumm for other suggestions.