Philosophy information resources: Background information

Topic overviews

Oxford Bibliographies Online - Philosophy Module
An excellent starting point for researching Philosophy topics. High-level overviews of each topic are provided, followed by lists of suggested seminal readings in each area. Sample entries:

  • A Priori Knowledge

  • Legal Philosophy

  • Toleration

Dictionaries & terminology


  • Encyclopedia of Philosophy [online or print]
  • Oxford Reference Online
    Full-text versions of reference books published by Oxford Reference. These dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and other resources cover many different areas, are excellent starting places for learning about new topics, and are useful for finding out about key academic sources for a particular subject.

  • Past Masters
    Full-text of the works and correspondences by important figures in the humanities, social sciences, political science, theology, and literature. In the original language and English translations.

  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Encyclopedia articles on philosophers, philosophical themes, world philosophies, and world religions.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Encyclopedia articles on philosophy and philosophers.

Biographical information

Major World Philosophers