Citing & writing: Geography information resources

Putting it all together: Study, writing, and citing 

  • Making Sense: A Student's Guide to Research and Writing: Geography & Environmental Sciences [print]
  • How to do Your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines [ online or print]
  • Communicating in Geography and the Environmental Sciences [print]
  • Study Skills for Geography, Earth and Environmental Science Students [print]
  • Communicating in Geography and the Environmental Sciences [print]
  • Methods in Human Geography: A Guide for Students Doing a Research Project  [print]
  • Geography@university: making the most of your geography degree and courses [online or print]
  • SFU Library's citation guides: APAMLA and Chicago/Turabian 
  • Citing maps and data
  • Citation Management Software

The Student Learning Commons (SLC) provides writing and learning support to SFU undergraduate students of ALL levels, whether you are an A student or a student who is struggling. You can book a consultation and/or attend a workshop

The Research Commons provides extensive writing services for SFU graduate students of all levels, as well as workshops and consultations for all stages of the research lifecycle. 

Writing handouts from the SLC: These handouts are excellent! They will guide you through the mechanics of academic writing and help with things like grammar, citing, transition words, and style. See especially the three handouts on integrating sources. Immensely helpful.

Avoiding plagiarism: Questions about what constitutes plagiarism? Please read the SFU Library's What is Plagiarism? page and then take our Plagiarism Tutorial.