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This page is dedicated to connecting you with secondary teaching and learning resources and is broken down into subject areas for easier navigation. 

  Arts education

9 Panel Drawing: Image Development Strategies (Gr. 11) (Lesson plan. For more, take a look at the graduation lesson plans page
Source: VISUALLY SPEAKING: BC Art Teachers' Association Online Magazine -- Resources shared by BC educators and align with the redesigned curriculum.

Different Ways of Looking (Gr. 8-12) (Lesson Plan) 
Source: Vancouver Art Gallery: Emily Carr -- Vancouver Art Gallery's teaching resources for learning about Emily Carr and her work.

Every Building Tells a Story (Gr. 10-12) (Unit Plan) 
Source: Telling Stories: Narratives of Nationhood -- Artistic voices represented across Canada. Resources created by teachers from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Abstract Planes in a Paper Sculpture (Gr. 9-12) (Lesson Plan. For more, take a look at the main lesson plans page
Source: BLICK

Shaping Ideas: Symbolism in Sculpture (Gr. 9-12) (Lesson Plan) 
Source: The J. Paul Getty Museum 

Remixes (Gr. 9-12) (Activity) 
Source: National Gallery of Art

Exploring Pottery Techniques (Gr. 9-12) (Lesson Plan) 
Source: The Kennedy Centre: Arts Edge 

  English language arts

Heroes Are Made of This: Studying the Character of Heroes (Gr. 9-12) (Activities) 
Source: ReadWriteThink -- Lesson plans are based on the International Reading Association (IRA) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Standards for the English Language Arts.

Editing as Close-Reading: Cutting and Performing Complex Texts (Gr. 8-12) 
Source: Folger Shakespeare Library -- Teaching Shakespeare's works in a way that is more accessible to students. 

Making Poetry with my Mother (Gr. 9-12) (Lesson Plan. For more, take a look at the lesson plans​​​​​ page
Source: The Poetry Society


Bienvenue Chez Vous (Gr. 8-12) (Lesson plan activity. For more, take a look at the activity repository page
Source: Association Canadienne d’éducation de Langue Française: Activités (ACELP)

Qu'est-ce que le Made in Canada? (Gr. 8-12) (Activities) 
Source: FrancoLab -- Des contenus audiovisuels et pédagogiques étroitement liés aux aspects socioculturels canadiens. Les contenus  s’adressent principalement à des apprenants de 15 ans et plus.

Portrait des femmes à la télévision et à la radio (Gr. 9-10) (Lesson Plan) 
Source: Archives de Radio-Canada

Tableau des 5 questions de base pour examiner des sources secondaires (Gr. 7-12) (Handout) 
Source: Historica Canada Education Portal--A digital resource for teachers with a vast collection of learning tools covering Canada’s history.

Pour protéger la nation? (Gr. 9-12) (Lesson Plan) 
Source: Cyber Mystères: les grands mystères de l’histoire canadienne


Consumer Mathematics 10 (Gr.10) (Unit Plan. For more, take a look at the Resource Room
Source: Math Central -- Award-winning site maintained by faculty and students in Mathematics and Statistics and Mathematics Education at the University of Regina. 

Pre-Calculus (Gr. 11) (Lessons in slideshow format and handouts) 
Source: -- Lessons are developed by certified math teachers in British Columbia. 

  Physical education & health

Food Guide Snapshot 
Source: Canada's Food Guide (Government of Canada)

Personal Health Series (Gr. 9-12) (Teaching resources includes guides, posters, handouts, quizzes) 
Source: Kids Health in the Classroom

Team Champ Basketball (9-12) (Activity) 
Source: PE Central

Bank It (Gr. 9-12) (Activity) 
Source: PlaySport


Moving and Working In Space (8-12) (Activity) 
Source: Canadian Space Agency 

eWaste and Environmental Trends (Gr. 9-10) (Unit with lessons and handouts) 
Source: Statistics Canada (Government of Canada)

Cracking the Genetic Code (Gr. 9-12) (Lesson Plan) 
Source:  Science NetLinks - American Association for the Advancement of Science 

Factors That Affect Photosynthesis (Gr. 9-10) (Lesson Plan) 
Source: TeAchnology

Overnight Crystals to illustrate solubility concepts (Gr. 6-12) (Activity) 
Source: Minnesota Science Teachers Education Project

British Columbia species: Native, introduced or invasive? (Gr. 10-11) (Lesson Plan) 
Source: Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Government of Canada)

Driving the Future: Transportation, Energy, and the Environment (Gr. 9-12) (Teaching Resource Package) 
Source: Ingenium -- Canada Science and Technology Museum

  Social Studies

Relevance of Treaties Today (Gr. 7-12) (Lesson plan with activities) 
Source: Canada's History

The Confederation Debates: Newfoundland and Labrador (Gr. 9-11) (Mini-unit with various teaching resources) 
Source: Historica Canada Education Portal

Onward to Canada, Onward to Freedom: The Complete Story of the Underground Railroad (Gr. 11) (Lesson Plan. For more, take a look at the lesson plans page
Source: K-12 Study Canada -- lesson plans created by educators at the STUDY CANADA Summer Institute and other professional development workshops

Introduction to Civil Law (Gr. 8-10) (Includes lesson plan, content, activities, resources, assessment, and enrichment) 
Source: Law Lessons (BC-specific)

Centre for Education, Law and Society - Developed Curriculum Resources for Educators (Gr. 7-12) (Includes resources to address the themes of legal literacy, directly tied to the BC schools curriculum) 
Source: SFU Faculty of Education Centre for Education, Law and Society

Returning the Past: Repatriation of First Nations Cultural Property - Four Case Studies of First Nations Repatriation (Gr. 10-12) (Resource package for a Unit of Study, from the Teacher Resources page
Source: Museum of Anthropology

General Instructional Resources for History 
Source: The History Education Network

Two Voice Poem: A Know, Understand, Do Task (Gr. 10) (Lesson plan) 
Source: BC's New Curriculum

Black History in Canada (Gr. 7-10) (Lesson planning guide) 
Source: Historica Canada Education Portal

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