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New: Maclean's Magazine Archive at SFU Library

Published January 10, 2019 by Yolanda Koscielski

I'm pleased to announce SFU Library now has full access to the archives of the Canadian magazine, Maclean's. Coverage goes back as far as 1905 (when it was first titled, "Busy Man's Magazine"), and spans up to 2015. Maclean's magazine is a useful source for news coverage of Canadian events, including of course, articles on Canadian criminal and legal topics. Here are some sample articles:

Macdonald, N., & Gillis, C. (2015). The RCMP’s biggest crisis. Maclean’s Magazine128(9), 16–21

Teitel, E. (2015). The last stripper. Maclean’s Magazine128(22), 24–25

Phillips, A. (1963). Organized Crime’s Grip on Ontario. Maclean’s Magazine76(18), 15–64

Anderson, I. (1981). Toward joints without jail. Maclean’s Magazine94(13), 24–25.

Wayling, T. (1932). The Rum Patrol. Maclean’s Magazine45(19), 15–

Note we also have access to current issues of Macleans via Academic Search Premier and other databases.