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Lexbox: Easily Save and Cite Case Law and Legislation

How to create a list of legal citations
Published by Yolanda Koscielski

Lexbox is a new Google Chrome plug-in that helps you collect and cite legal cases and legislation.

Lexbox captures info from CANLII as well as a handful of official government websites, including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Federal Court, and BC Laws.

Key features:

  • Save cases and legislation to a Lexbox folder
  • Share folders of saved cases and legislation
  • Keep track of your search history
  • Bookmark webpages in your Lexbox folders

Install the plug-in for your Google chrome browser, create an account, add cases and legislation to your folder, and then easily generate citations from your folder contents.

TIP: to generate a list of legal citations from a LexBox folder, select the icon for "download list of authorities" next to your folder. A list of citations will be generated in a Word file format.

  • Note that Word is the only export option at this time
  • There is no cross-compatibility or syncing available with other citation management software available
  • As with all citation generators, there are some glitches, so please proofread your citations to ensure accuracy

March 2020 update: "It’s now possible to upload your own documents to your research folders. Lexbox converts your MS Word and PDF documents to HTML and makes them easy to search along the rest of the CanLII content. That’s right, you now have your own private search tab on CanLII displaying results from “My Documents”!" At time of writing, there is a limit of 10 documents. 

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