Theatre information resources: Books & articles


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Library catalogue

Books, journals, DVDs and other media located in the Library can be found using the Library Catalogue.

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Lists of new Contemporary Arts resources added to the SFU Library are updated on a monthly basis. You can also browse through lists of all resources added to the library within the last week or the last month.

Journals and magazines

The online databases will help you locate journal and magazine articles, full-text of plays, and reviews of performances.

Key databases for Theatre articles and reviews:

  • International Index to the Performing Arts: Multidisciplinary index to journals for the Performing Arts (drama, theatre, dance, film, television).
  • Humanities & Social Sciences Index: Covers basic periodicals on all social sciences and humanities topics.
  • MLA International Bibliography: Bibliographic index to journal articles, books and dissertations. Subjects covered include language, literature, linguistics, literary theory & criticism, dramatic arts, printing and publishing.
  • North American Theatre Online: Comprehensive reference work covering all aspects of Canadian and American Theatre. Includes records to thousands of plays, people, theatres, productions, and companies, with access to some full-text plays.
  • Twentieth Century North American Drama: Contains over 1000 plays, together with detailed information on theaters, production companies, and more. Also includes selected playbills, production photographs and other ephemera related to the plays.

For a full list of databases relevant to your research, see the Theatre databases list.​