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Film information resources: Background information

Dictionaries, handbooks and terminology

  • The complete film dictionary [print]
  • Cinema studies: the key concepts [online or print]
  • Critical dictionary of film and television theory [online or print]
  • The film studies dictionary [print]
  • Filmmaker's dictionary [print]
  • A Glossary of Film Terms written and designed for the web by Joel Schlemowitz, The New School, N.Y.
  • Show it in Public: everything you need to know to show a film in public. The companion guide to [print]

Encyclopedias and film guides

  • Canadian film encyclopedia - Covers some of Canada’s foremost historical and modern films and filmmakers.
  • A century of Canadian cinema: Gerald Pratley's feature film guide, 1900 to the present [print]
  • Encyclopedia of early cinema [online or print]
  • Encyclopedia of the documentary film [print]
  • The film encyclopedia: the most comprehensive encyclopedia of world cinema in a single volume [print]
  • Guide to the cinema(s) of Canada [online or print]
  • Halliwell's: the movies that matter [print]
  • The international dictionary of films and filmmakers [online or print]
  • International film guide [print]
  • Motion picture guide annual [print]
  • Oxford history of world cinema [online or print]
  • Schirmer encyclopedia of film [online or print]
  • Screen world: a film annual [print]
  • Take One's essential guide to Canadian film [print]

Biographical dictionaries

  • Cinema: a critical dictionary: the major film-makers [print]
  • Contemporary North American film directors: a Wallflower critical guide [print]
  • Le Dictionnaire du cinéma québécois [print]
  • The encyclopedia of filmmakers [print]
  • The guide to film directors: baseline Hollywood film director directory [print]
  • The new biographical dictionary of film [print]
  • Reel women: pioneers of the cinema, 1896 to the present [print]
  • St. James film directors encyclopedia [print]
  • The St. James women filmmakers encyclopedia: women on the other side of the camera [print]
  • Who was who on screen? [print]
  • Who's who in Canadian film and television [print]
  • Women film directors: an international bio-critical dictionary [print]
  • Women filmmakers & their films [print]
  • Women in film: an international guide [print]

Bibliographies and guides to film research

Try the SUBJECT Motion pictures -- Catalogs in the Library Catalogue to find other filmographies in the SFU Library collection.

  • British Film Institute National Library Catalogue " of the world's largest collection of books on cinema and television."
  • Camera west: British Columbia on film, 1941-1965, including new information on films produced before 1941 [print]
  • Canada and Canadians in feature films: a filmography, 1928-1990 [print]
  • Canada on film and video [print]
  • Canadian feature film index, 1913-1985. 1987 [print]
  • Canadian feature films: 1913-1969 [print]
  • Canadian film and video: a bibliography and guide to the literature [print]
  • Directors and their films: a comprehensive reference, 1895-1990 [print]
  • Feature films, 1940-1949: a United States filmography [print]
  • Feature films, 1950-1959: a United States filmography [print]
  • Feature films, 1960-1969: a filmography of English-language and major foreign-language United States releases [print]
  • Film and television: a guide to the reference literature [print]
  • The film researcher's handbook: a guide to sources in North America, South America, Asia, Australasia and Africa [online or print]
  • Index to critical film reviews in British and American film periodicals, together with: Index to critical reviews of books about film [1930-72] [print]
  • The International film index, 1895-1990 [print]
  • Motion picture guide, 1927-1983 [print]
  • Motion picture production in British Columbia, 1898-1940: a brief historical background and catalogue [print]
  • National Film Board of Canada [online or print]
  • The NFB film guide: the productions of the National Film Board of Canada from 1939 to 1989 [print]
  • Silent films, 1877-1996: a critical guide to 646 movies [print]