CMNS 487 SPECIAL TOPICS: Collective Memory and Public Discourse (Jan Marontate) Spring 2012

This research guide is intended to help you conduct research for your case study and term assignment on the theme of collective memory.

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Primary sources for the Humanities  

"A primary source is a document or other sort of evidence written or created during the time under study, or by one of the persons or organizations directly involved in the event. Primary sources offer an inside view of a particular event."

Academic article indexes for history and context of events being commemorated

News sources (context, response, opinion)

Academic article indexes to find discussions of the commemoration (monument, event, practice)

Discussions of commemorative practices

  • AnthroSource  Full-text access to journals produced by the American Anthropological Association
  • Anthropology Plus Indexes material relating to anthropology and archaeology
  • JSTOR  Searchable, archival collection of core scholarly arts, humanities and social sciences journals