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Modeling the economic effect of a Trump victory: New feature in Passport

Published by Mark Bodnar

Back in August, I mentioned Macro Model, a new macroeconomic modeling tool in our Passport database that allows you to model the effect of major events (e.g., a Disorderly Brexit or a recession in China) on various national economies (see: Modeling major economic events for your strategic planning).

I couldn't resist a quick update: As of today, the Macro Model tool now includes a Donald Trump scenario among the events that you can build into your modeling.  

(Spoiler: Euromonitor assigns a 10-20% probability to a Trump victory in November, and they predict that event would cause a downturn on several key economic measures in the US. And, since when the US sneezes, we get a cold, the effects on the Canadian economy aren't that pretty either.)

Check out my original post on the Macro Model tool for more details on this cool, but slightly buried feature in Passport.

-- MarkB

P.S.: Note: The Macro Model tool can be a bit slow loading. Be patient, it's worth the wait.​
Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian

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