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Three cool seminars coming up via CPROST... (sustainable business, video game workers & resistance to new tech...)

Published by Mark Bodnar

I see that SFU's Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology (CPROST) has a few seminars planned for the fall that touch on interdisciplinary studies in communication and management. Thought I'd list them here for our Business/Economics readers. Check out CPROST's Upcoming Events page for additional details.

* In September , Prof. Roland Cliff of the Centre for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey (UK), and Executive Director of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, will speak on "The Role of Industrial Ecology in Environmental Policy and Company Strategy". The seminar will take place September 18, in Room 1510, Harbour Centre, 2pm to 4:30 pm.

* In October, Prof. Marie-Josee Legualt, École des sciences de l'administration, TÉLUQ, Montréal, QC of will speak on her work, "Coping with risk: Regulation and work citizenship"carried out in conjunction with Dr.Johanna Weststar, of the DAN Management & Organizational Studies,Western University, London, ON. Their project seeks to learn more about how video game developers:

a) influence local decisions regarding their work and working conditions;

b) protect themselves against economic insecurity;

c) participate in the local regulation of labour regarding critical issues; and,

d) engage in the broader social regulation of work.

They have worked with the International Game Developers Association and have written about hours of work in the game industry, project-management, women in the game industry, the occupational community of game developers, and the propensity of this group to engage in collective action. Date and time to be announced.

* In November, Prof. Jaemin Jung, Graduate School of Information & Media Management, KAIST, Korea, will speak about his work on consumers’ resistance to new technology and structural changes in media industry. Date and time to be announced.