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New for SFU! Detailed stats and analysis on Canadian industries

Published by Mark Bodnar
  • * Ever found yourself desperately in need of analysis on the future outlook of the Advertising Industry in Canada?
  • * Or maybe you've needed data on the relative shares of major buyer groups in the Canadian Management Consultancy Industry?
  • * Or were you hoping to find detailed industry growth measures for Funeral Services in Canada?

SFU researchers now have access to a resource that will address these and many other research needs! The Passport Industrial - Canada module within our Passport GMID database contains deep industry analysis that could be valuable to marketing (esp. B2B) and strategy researchers.

This valuable new information is somewhat buried in our Passport GMID database. To access it:

  • * click on Industries, then on Industrial to get to the main Passport-Industrial launch page to browse the reports, articles, and statistics;
  • * or: search for ISIC to see the many reports on Canadian industries;
  • * or: click on Search, then choose Industrial (Entire Economy) from the menu to get to the many statistics tables.

SFU's subscription to the Passport Industrial - Canada module was made possible by a generous grant from the Birks Family Foundation and is currently funded to Dec. 31, 2017.