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More on Passport Industrial - Canada: A focus on producers vs. consumers

Published by Mark Bodnar

We posted just a couple days ago about our new module in Passport GMID -- Passport Industrial - Canada -- and have been discussing it with many of our researchers ever since.

Some of the questions so far...

How is this module different from the other content in Passport GMID?

Most of the data and analysis in the rest of Passport is focused on consumers (trends, preferences, etc.) and consumption. In comparison, the data and analysis in the new module is more about producers and production.

Consider beer, for example...

Up until now, Passport GMID could tell us how much beer Canadians were consuming (by volume and value -- and with forecasts), as well as the shares of the different brands and companies, the types of packages (cans vs bottles), and trends in the expectations and preferences of beer drinkers.

With the addition of Passport Industrial - Canada, we can now learn more about the beer producers in Canada.  For example: How many small, medium, and large firms are there, and how much of a share of production is each segment responsible for? What are the main supplies involved in making beer, and how have their costs varied in the last several years?

What sorts of questions does this new module answer?

Each of the reports focuses on a narrow industry in Canada and answers such questions as:

  • * What is the turnover of the industry?
  • * How much have salary levels changed over the last decade?
  • * What is the industry costs structure?
  • * How profitable is this industry?
  • * Who are the key customers of this industry?
  • * How many people are employed in the industry?
  • * What is the bargaining power of the industry with its suppliers and customers?
  • * How important are large enterprises in the industry?

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Directions on how to unearth the content of this module within the huge Passport GMID database are in our initial post.

  • Mark Bodnar: mbodnar@sfu.ca (Burnaby)
  • Andrea Cameron: amcamero@sfu.ca (Surrey)
  • Megan Sorenson: megan_sorenson@sfu.ca (Vancouver)