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On researching the beer industry on a sunny August afternoon...

Published by Mark Bodnar

Ahhhh... a sunny day in August... What better time to talk about beer!  :-)

I just noticed that a second edition of a really cool investment guide to the global beer industry that I talked about last year is now available via our Business Source Complete database:

Bernstein Black Book - The Bernstein Global Beer Guide: Second Edition features 106 dense, stats-packed pages that provide...

"a comprehensive overview of all regional and major local beer markets and helps understand not only growth potential but also market structures; this often explains the level of pricing power and ultimately the profitability of a market."

And if you like that sort of investment/industry analysis, check out my post on other Bernstein reports in Business Source and click here to search/browse all Bernstein reports in BSC since 2011.

Need more on beer specifically?  Industry and market reports?

  • * Start with Passport GMID for extremely detailed data on market sizes, brand/company shares, distribution methods, packaging trends, and pricing, as well as analysis of major consumer trends around the world.
  • * Then jump over to IBISWorld for reports on relevant global, US, and Chinese industries (just search for "beer" or "breweries" to start).
  • * And maybe a quick visit to NetAdvantage for a report on Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco.

Need still more?  Contact your always-helpful business librarians!

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  • Andrea Cameron (Surrey): amcamero@sfu.ca
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