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Reminder: Factiva database trial ends July 20th!

Published by Mark Bodnar

A quick reminder that our trial of the Factiva database is still open.  We'd love to hear your opinions!  Does it look like it would be a useful addition to our collection?

See the main Factiva Trial page for details on the content of the trial and a summary of the feedback we've received so far.

Thus far we've heard from many researchers throughout SFU.  The trial was originally set up as a comparison of Factiva and our current broad international news database, LexisNexis.  However, based on the comments we've heard so far:

1. It's clear that LexisNexis is widely used at SFU and that Factiva is not currently viewed as an adequate replacement.

2. Many SFU researchers believe Factiva would be a desirable addition to the collection.

Therefore, our goal is no longer a head-to-head comparison of Factiva and LexisNexis, with the aim of keeping one of the two. Instead, we are looking at whether/how we should pay for a Factiva subscription without cancelling LexisNexis. As a result, we are reconfiguring our feedback questions and removing most of the information about LexisNexis from the trial page.

Time is running out on this trial!  It will close on July 20th.   Please do explore Factiva and let us know what you think.

-- Mark Bodnar: mbodnar@sfu.ca

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