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Head-to-head pilot of 2 emerging-tech market report collections: Feedback needed!

Published by Mark Bodnar

A quick reminder as you all double-down on your research efforts for the crazy-busy fall semester:

We have pilot subscriptions for the next several months to two very powerful market analysis databases focused on emerging technology fields. If you haven't tried BCC Research and Frost & Sullivan yet, check them out.  I've listed a few recent report titles from each database below to whet your appetite.

And please do let me know what you think about the interface and the content of each database. Using feedback to make these decisions is so much better than just reading tea leaves or rolling dice!

BCC Research - recent reports: 

  • Energy-efficient Technologies for Global Residential Markets
  • Superconductors: Global Markets to 2022
  • Nanowire-based Devices: Technologies and Global Markets
  • Mobile Device Security: Global Markets to 2022
  • Hydrogels: Applications and Global Markets to 2022

Frost & Sullivan  - recent reports: 

  • Global Wind Power Market, Forecast to 2025 
  • Global Executive Analysis of the Fuel Cell Passenger Car Market, Forecast to 2030 
  • Healthcare Cloud Computing Outlook, Global, 2016–2021 
  • Global Animal Feed Protein Market, Forecast to 2022 
  • Technologies Empowering Drug Discovery and Development

For more on BCC Research and Frost & Sullivan, see my earlier blog posts about them: F&S + BCC

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

Images: "Man holding scales" (business decision) image by Delwar Hossein from Noun Project. Other images are screen captures of BCC and F&S logos taken from each company site.

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