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On procrastination: how NOT to...

Published by Mark Bodnar

We've hit that magical time of semester when deadlines that once seemed theoretical now loom darkly on the horizon and lurch closer every time we blink. That time when snacks, social media, and even dirty dishes all seem so much more tempting than the task at hand... 

That's right -- it's procrastination time! Or, more grandly, it's National Procrastination Week!

In honour of this occasion, my colleagues here in the SFU Library have created one of the most inventive book displays I've ever seen on the main floor of our Burnaby library... 

Picture of empty bookshelves with a sign on the top shelf: "National Procrastination Week: March 1st to 7th"

(Click here for a zoomed-in version)

Of course, no library display or blog post is complete without at least a few helpful information resources!  The display does include handouts on procrastinating (how NOT to) from our Student Learning Commons. Here are a few more SLC resources on the topic: 

Procrastination - results, reasons, stopping
What it is, why we do it, and 3 strategies to nudge yourself into action.

Resources on dealing with procrastination
Sooooo many tips & strategies! Don't hesitate -- try one today!  Now!  Seriously, right now!

Resources on effective time management at university
Worksheets, videos, and even our famous Assignment Calculator - enter a due date and the handy dandy calculator will break your assignment into a series of more-doable tasks with mini due dates that you can tick off as you go!

Those resources are all very short -- easy to scan and put into action. That's important because the goal here, in case you missed it, is to *stop* procrastinating. If you find yourself reading long philosophical essays on procrastination, you're probably only a few steps away from calling it an art, to be perfected, not avoided.  Don't go down that road!  

line drawing of a winking face

OK - now get back to work!

-- Mark
Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian