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Easy access to great content: New Passport home page

Published by Mark Bodnar

SFU researchers received a very early Christmas present on Sept. 25th... our powerful Passport database has a new home page!

I know what you're thinking: a new home page is no big deal, right? We'd all much rather get new content and put up with a slightly dated interface... no?  

Normally, I'd completely agree -- content is king! -- except that Passport already has a wealth of content. Besides their core offerings such as economic and demographic information on every country in the world, and statistics + analysis on fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) markets in 100 countries (expanded from 80 earlier this year), they've added lots of useful functionality and content in the last few years... things such as macroeconomic modeling tools, datagraphics, interactive dashboards, megatrends reports, a natural resource sustainability portal, and even a feature that allows you to graph relationships between economies, consumers, and industries.   

That rich content has been buried, and most of the previous efforts to "surface" it in Passport's interface resulted in, well, a messy and confusing home page.  

This new home page cleans up most of that mess -- giving us much more direct access to tools and information that used to be buried by the clutter of announcements about random new reports on irrelevant topics. 

Never tried Passport? Click on the image below to start exploring. Also check out my previous posts about it, and watch the 4-minute video in the upper right corner of the database's new home page.

Screen capture of the new home page of the Passport database. Click to access the database.

Happy searching!

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian




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