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A fresh look at Frost & Sullivan: Emerging technology products, markets & strategies

Published by Mark Bodnar

It's been quite a while since I highlighted our Frost & Sullivan database. For those who are new to it, F&S is our main source for in-depth market research and strategy reports of emerging technologies.  

logo of Frost & Sullivan

Tempting Titles...

To give you a sense of the type of content you'll find in F&S, consider these recent additions to the collection of over 50,000 reports, grouped by industry: 

line drawing of a computer monitor with a stethoscope in front of it

  • Analysis of the Drug Delivery Devices Market, Forecast to 2023: Adoption of Connected Healthcare Solutions to Improve Patient Adherence and Compliance

Chemicals, Materials & Foods

  • Global Bioherbicides Market, Forecast to 2023: Unraveling the Potential of Bioherbicides will be Key to Market Growth

line drawing of a sun with a lightning bolt in the centre
Energy & Power Systems         

  • Global Solar PV Power Market, Forecast to 2025: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Still Going Strong, Bolstered by Declining Technology Prices and Supported by an Evolving Regulatory Environment

Environment & Building Technologies

  • Technologies Enabling Circular Economy: Transition to a circular economy is vital to mitigate resource scarcity and climate change threats for a sustainable future

line drawing of a plane, a bus, a train, and a traffic sign
Automotive & Transportation

  • Global Ride Hailing Market, Forecast to 2030: Emerging Markets and Tier II and Tier III Cities are Redefining Opportunities; MaaS Integration is the Next Milestone

    Information & Communication Tech. 

    • Consumer Communication Services Tracker—Second Quarter 2019 (2Q19): Subscriber, Revenue, Net Add (loss), Projection, and Market Share Tracker for Broadband, Video, Voice and Wireless Services [USA & Canada]

    Aerospace & Defense
    simple drawing of an orange rocket

    • Global Space Industry Outlook, 2019 and Beyond: Small Satellites and Downstream Digital Transformations are Driving Innovation and Growth Opportunities Across the Space Industry Value Chain

      Consumer Products 

      • Technology Convergence Driving Smart Home Automation: Home Robots, Smart Lighting, Voice-activated Devices, Smart Home Hubs, Wearables, and Sensor-based Smart Devices are Encouraging Smart Home Automation

      line drawing of a laptop computer with a globe on top of it

      • Global Learning Management Solutions Market, Forecast to 2023: Hyperconnectivity and Proliferation of Devices Accelerate Market Adoption

      Electronics and Security

      • Augmented Analytics: Future of Business Intelligence: An overview of augmented analytics market and its impact on business outcomes

        line drawing of typical sensors used to measure wind speed and temperature
        Measurement & Instrumentation 

        • Sensor Innovations Driving IoT: Opportunity Analysis: Smarter sensors with enhanced data collection and analysis capabilities, multi-parameter sensors, flexible sensors, e-noses are among the sensor technologies expanding IoT

        Industrial Automation 

        • Intelligent Automation Technologies Transforming Industrial Manufacturing: Opportunities for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Operations

        Sorry about the super-long list... I hope it tempts you to log in and explore for more!

        line drawing of a young man celebrating with his arms in the air
        Share your stories: Our current Frost & Sullivan subscription expires in Aug. 2020. [Extended to 2023! But we'd still love to get your feedback to inform our renewal decision at that point.] Dedicated, ongoing funding is not yet available for this resource, so a renewal of the subscription is not guaranteed.

        If you use it and find it valuable, please do send me your stories! What role did it play in your research?  What is the focus of your research? What department are you in?  Did F&S make your day? 


        -- Mark

        Mark Bodnar
        Business & Economics Librarian

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