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A few Frost & Sullivan highlights to whet your appetite

Published by Mark Bodnar

If you haven't tried our new Frost & Sullivan database of emerging technology market reports yet, here are a few more reasons to take a look...

(The reports below were all added in the last week to the 50,000+ already in F&S. Note that after clicking on one of these links and authenticating as a current SFU student/faculty/staff member for the first time, you may need to come back to this post and click the same link again for it to take you to the right report.)

Global Mobility Market, Strategic Insight 2017 (56 pages)
Looks at 6 collaborative business models—carsharing, P2P carsharing, corporate carsharing, e-hailing, integrated mobility, and ridesharing. Market analysis is done for 2016 through to 2025.  

Innovations in Smart Sensors (74 pages)
Analyzes the markets for this technology across industries ranging from building automation to healthcare and consumer products.

Developments in Photovoltaic Cells, Electric Vehicles for Rural Areas, Energy Storage, and Fuel Cells (15 pages)
​Briefly reports on recent new technologies developed in the "Energy & Power Systems" field.  

North American and European Building and Construction Composites Market, Forecast to 2023 (101 pages)
Analyzes major market drivers and restraints, the regional construction outlook, and product and technology trends for key composite fiber and composite resin segments.

Digital Customer Centricity Depends on a Unified User Identity: Capping Installed Systems is the Surest Way to Deliver Digital Services (11 pages)
​Discusses the need for digital communication service providers to transition away from a traditional customer management environment to a true user-first business mindset.

Screen capture of the Frost & Sullivan logo.

This is just a quick taste of the feast of content continually being added to Frost & Sullivan. You have one full year to explore our pilot subscription and let us know what you think, but please don't wait to the last minute! Tell us now if/how F&S supports your research efforts: email me at mbodnar@sfu.ca with your feedback.

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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