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New! Frost & Sullivan market reports now available for SFU researchers

Published by Mark Bodnar

I'm very pleased to announce that SFU researchers now have access to market, industry, and strategy reports published by Frost & Sullivan!  

logo for Frost and Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan reports cover a wide range of sectors, with a particular strength in emerging technologies. See below for the list of sectors, with sample titles from each one.  [You may need to click on the first report/search link again after entering your SFU ID the first time.]

Most of the samples above are "Industry Research Analysis" reports, among the most detailed of the many F&S report types.  Each Industry Research Analysis report provides...

"...360° research of a given sector/industry including overall dynamics & drivers, challenges & restraints, forecasts & trends, detailed breakdown of key segments/technologies, competitor profiles & market share, conclusions & future outlook.  Highlights major transformations & trends that will shape the industry's ecosystem in the near- and long-term.  Provides strategic recommendations to anticipate, identify & address relevant growth opportunities, and accelerate transformational growth."

F&S also offers several briefer report types, ranging from Stratecasts ("examines potential impact and implications of emerging technological developments...") to TechVision reports ("...global intelligence on R&D breakthroughs, disruptive technologies, innovative applications, and transformative companies...").

Need more encouragement to explore Frost & Sullivan?  Check out the results from this rough F&S search for Big Data, or from this search for Artificial Intelligence.  

The fine print...  

1. Mega Trends: Our subscription does not include the Mega Trends report series. That series makes up only 100 titles out of about 50,000 in the database, so I'm hoping the gap won't even be noticeable.

2. Printing & Downloading: Due to license restrictions, the default is for all Frost & Sullivan reports to be read-only: you can take screen captures, but downloading and printing the reports is not possible via the main interface. However, there is a way for current SFU faculty, staff, and students to access PDF copies of reports. See the Alert section (red text) in our database description for details.

3. Feedback on Pilot? We currently have funding in place for a one-year subscription -- ending in August 2018.   We'll be evaluating usage and impact before we make a decision on renewing F&S -- and we can only do that if we hear your stories!

  • Does this resource make your research easier?
  • Did you find something here that you couldn't find elsewhere?
  • Did it play a key role in research that will have an impact on the world?

Phew! Sorry about the long post.  Can you tell I'm excited?  Enjoy!

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

P.S.: I'll soon be adding this resource to several relevant research guides, and I'll write a few more posts over the fall to ensure word gets out about this valuable resource.

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