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*When* matters! Get some context from economic history & historical news sources

Published by Mark Bodnar

I was just compiling a short list of Economic/News History Resources to share with a class tomorrow, when, as often happens, I got so excited about the cool stuff that I thought I'd share the list widely... 

Impetus for this list: To properly understand an economic theory, you need some context from the broader world: What was happening in the political/economic/social environment when the target theory was being developed? How about when it was substantially revised or critiqued? Or when there was a sudden spike of interest in it decades after it was written?  

Economic History

World History

Historical News Sources

As always, this is just a tiny sample of what's available via the SFU Library on this topic. Stop by the SFU Library and ask at our Research Help desk if you don't find what you need.

-- Mark Bodnar
Economics & Business Librarian