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Fresh interface & Fresh content — Check out our Passport database today!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Our Passport* database has had some much-needed improvements made to its interface lately. For such an incredibly rich database, it used to be frustratingly hard to dig your way down to its treasures, so these improvements are very welcome.

Passport's interface improvements seem relatively minor -- the most obvious change is the shifting of search and browse functions to a front-and-centre position on the home page -- but I"m hoping that they will help our researchers explore and unearth the many cool things this database has to offer. 

Speaking of which... check out the list below for just a tiny sample of the content added so far this month to  Passport.

  • Opinion: What’s New in Snacks in 2016? A Concerted Drive for Natural and Alternative Ingredients
  • Country BriefingDigital Consumer - Landscape: Canada
  • Monthly Economic Review... of Emerging Market Economies: June 2016 Update
  • Datagraphic: Uneven Times Ahead for World's Largest Cigarettes Markets
  • Videocast: Political and Economic Volatility Overshadow Brazil and the Olympic Games
  • Consumer Types reports on Japanese and Brazilian consumers
  • Industry Overview: Alcoholic Drinks in Kenya
  • Company Profile: Tesco Plc in Retailing (World)
  • Visual App: Commodity Prices (chart price trends for over 40 raw commodities)
  • Podcast: Online Grocery Made Easier with Smart Partnerships
  • Global BriefingRedefining Snacks: From Conventional Snacks to Snack Replacements|
  • + the usual economic and demographic statistics on every country in the world, often with forecasts!

Takeaway message?  


  • covers a very wide range of countries & products in formats that extend far beyond the typical report or statistical table; and
  • should be your first stop for most marketing assignments, as well as many strategic & economic analysis topics.

-- MarkB


Business & Economics Librarian


P.S.: * Passport used to be known as Passport GMID.  Prior to that it was the Global Market Information Database. As discussed above, it's a deep and useful database that is also full of complexities. Fortunately, its HELP section (upper right of all screens) is very detailed, offering guides, videos, definitions, and (my first stop when I need help) FAQs.  Explore all that, then let me know if you have any questions at all. - MB

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