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Published by Mark Bodnar

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When you're new to a subject area, there aren't many warmer words than "Companion" and "Handbook." 

I picture a friendly sort of guidebook that will help me with the key information I need as I start to navigate my way through a new field, sort of like the dog-eared travel guides I carried during my global backpacking days.

Hold that image in your mind as you consider the value of our new online collection of Routledge business & economics handbooks and companions -- available online now for SFU researchers.

I'll highlight a few key titles in the series below, but note that you can search for "Routledge handbooks online" in our catalogue to catch more than 50 titles of this sort.

Note: All of these titles (plus the many not listed above) can be accessed from anywhere and downloaded (chapter-by-chapter) for offline reading.

Happy exploring!

-- MarkB
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian

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