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New interface... same great content after 17.5 years!

Published by Mark Bodnar

Hey, for the fifth time in its 17.5-year* life, the BUEC Buzz has moved to a new interface! You may not have even noticed because of the great behind-the-scenes, link-redirecting work of our eBranch team.

If you're reading this post, then you've already found the new version of the BUEC Buzz, but here's the URL that you'll want to bookmark, just in case:


Thanks, kudos, and a general sense of awe to the SFU Library's eBranch and Systems staff for creating a blog-friendly interface that will allow us to draft better/faster posts, and thus to better highlight our constantly evolving resources and cool research strategies.

I'm about to reactivate the BUEC Buzz twitter feed (@SFUBUECBuzz) after leaving it silent for a while. If you want/need to keep on top of new resources for business & economics and to be aware of efficient search techniques, consider bookmarking the Buzz, following us on twitter, or setting up an RSS feed.

-- Mark

P.S.: Re: 17.5 years... seriously!  Although you'll only find a few years' of posts in the new interface, the BUEC Buzz has been around since the fall of 1999!  Check out the two PDF archive files on our About page.  (Bet you can't find the issue where I announced that I was taking a short break to get married!)
Mark Bodnar
Business & Economics Librarian