SA 318: Technologies of Health and Expectation

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For Library research help, please contact Moninder Lalli, Librarian for Sociology / Anthropology by email or Ask a librarian.


Start Your Research Here - This page gives you an overview of the research process, or in other words how to find materials for your essay.

Selected reference works

Use encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks to obtain definitions and overviews of a topic and also to identify key authors.

Find news and scholarly journal articles

For journal articles, it is useful to search within the databases for the discipline for which your are writing your essay.  It is a great way to find the current theories and critical debates. 

If the articles are not be available full-text, then use the "Get@SFU" icon to see if the Library has the journal. For journals  not owned by the Library, use the Citation Finder/ILL tab to request a copy of the article from another library (free).

For additional help, refer to the How to find journal articles, What is a scholarly journal? [guide], Finding articles: Advanced search techniques [video 3:13 mins]

    Scholarly articles databases

    Tip: Limit search results to "scholarly", "academic", "peer-reviewed" articles.  You may also want to "sort" to view the "newest first"
    Note: In non-anthropological databases, search for your topic words and also add the concepts of anthropology or sociology as search terms. 

              E.g.  (covid-19 OR coronavirus OR 2019-ncov OR cov-19) AND (anthro* OR ethno*)

    News databases

    • Canadian Newsstream - Full text access to major Canadian daily newspapers (such as the Globe and Mail, National Post, The Gazette (Montreal), and Vancouver Sun) as well as small market newspapers and weeklies published in Canada.

    • Factiva - Provides a wide range of information from newspapers (including New York Times), newswires, industry publications, websites, and company reports. The global range of publications provides both local insight and international perspective on business issues and current events especially with regard to current information on companies, industries, and financial markets.

    • Historical Newspapers - Historical full page and article images from the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Vancouver Sun, and the Washington Post from the mid to late 19th century with embargoes for the last 3 to 18 years depending on the newspaper.

    • Nexis Uni  International news coverage, business news, legal cases and law reports from early 1970's to present. Content is strongly American with significant coverage of Canadian and international topics. Formerly LexisNexis Academic.
    • PressReader  Full-text of current issues of newspapers from around the world in full-color, full-page format. Includes thousands of newspapers in over 40 languages from Canada and internationally. A rolling back file of coverage varies with each newspaper ranging from 3 days to 2 months. Includes Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Newsweek and many other newspapers and magazines

      • HELP
        • Click on the three vertical dots (top right) to open the menu and then choose "sort" alphabetically (by name of publication).  The database does not have "search by name of publication."
        • Menu (three bars on top left) and "publications" brings up a menu. Choices are: "by country", "by publication type (newspapers or magazines)", and "by language"
        • How to print
    • Times Digital Archive - Also known as the "The London Times" or "The Times of London" this is a digital reproduction of The Times newspaper with a 6-year embargo on current content. It also includes its predecessor The Universal Daily Register (1785-1788). The world's oldest continuously published newspaper, the Times contains extensive national (UK) and international news coverage, UK parliamentary reports, commentary, and editorial opinions. The entire newspaper is captured, with all articles, advertisements, and illustrations/photos.

    For more news sources, try News Sources databases

    Selected newspapers and journals

    Library subscribes to many newspapers and magazines through "aggregated" databases, rather than through subscriptions to individual newspapers or magazines.

    1. Use the A-Z journals list to search by the name of the newspaper, journal or magazine.

    2. Search for individual articles by "article title" and "author's last name" from within the database through which the library provides access..

    Find books in the Library

    Library Catalogue search guide

    Search the SFU Library Catalogue.   You can also use  SFU Library Catalogue: Advanced Search

    Books by title

    Books can be searched by title using the "Browse by title" search, Catalogue Search or the Advanced SearchThe "Browse by title" will not show book chapters or book reviews.

    Keyword searches for topics


    Try searches such as:

    Combine different concepts using AND
    Combine same concepts using OR
    quotation marks to search for a phrase
    Use brackets for synonyms
    Use asterisk (*) for different endings of words

    Note:  For Catalogue Search, when combining concepts, use CAPITAL letters ( "OR", "AND")

    Look at the titles in the "results list" and for those books that look relevant, click on their subject headings to find more books on that topic.


    Selected books

    Below are examples of books from the results lists of the keyword searches above.

    Browse by subject

    Browse by Subject    (change the default "title" to "subject").  Browse by Subject will only result in books, not book chapters or journal articles.

    Government documents and statistics

    Government documents

    Library guides

    Writing help