Indigenous Digital Media Grant: Call for proposals

The eagle flies the highest in the sky, and in a coast salish story people would seek guidance from the eagle to gain knowledge of faraway places. This representational eagle wing relief was created to bring the knowledge to students as they seek guidance in their studies. -- Marissa Nahanee

About the Grants

Indigenous Digital Media Grants (IDMG) provide financial support to SFU researchers, creators, and makers to cover costs associated with the development of Indigenous digital resources. We welcome applications for projects that aim to create forms of “digital media” through processes of digitization, or through the creation of new media (films, podcasts, websites, etc).

Funded by SFU’s Aboriginal Strategic Initiative with one-time funding of about $140,000, and in keeping with the goals articulated in the 2017 SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council (ARC) report, this grant is one way of directly supporting projects and initiatives at SFU that will have a “legacy” effect -- through the creation and enrichment of Indigenous digital resources that are relevant to SFU and that have the potential “to create meaningful, sustained change” (p.28) at the university.


This grant is available for continuing or limited-term faculty (including tenured and tenure-track faculty, lecturers, librarians, archivists, and limited-term faculty of one year or more), staff, graduate students (at the Master’s or PhD level), and postdoctoral fellows.

Proposals will be accepted from SFU departments, Centres, Institutes, or other campus units, and also from individual faculty and graduate students.

Amount and project completion timeline

Up to $10,000 will be awarded per project.

Projects should be completed within one (1) year of the award date. For example, projects awarded in December 2020 should be completed by December 2021; projects awarded in March 2021 should be completed by March 2022.

Access to resources

Though the SFU Library is committed to providing open access to digitized resources, we recognize that some culturally-sensitive materials may require further access protocols (as determined by individual or community needs). Please make note of these potential protocols in your application.

Application deadline and Form

Deadline for submissions

Proposals (see Application Form below) should be submitted by 26 February 2021.

Application Form

Applicants are required to complete and submit an Application Form.

The Application Form includes a Project Description (max. 3 pages, template provided) that must include a detailed project timeline and budget breakdown. Eligible budget expenses include:

  • hiring an RA,
  • payment for digitization/scanning (either internally through SFU Library or externally), or,
  • payment to non-SFU employees for particular skills/expertise not available at SFU.

Please contact Ashley Edwards for quotes for any internal digitization projects.

Selection process

A selection committee, composed of representatives from the Department of Indigenous Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and SFU Library will evaluate the applications. 

Please send completed proposals (using the Application Form template) by 26 February 2021 to

Reporting requirements

All successful applicants will be required to provide brief update reports three times a year, and a final report to the IDMG Committee upon completion (approx. 1 year from the award date). This report must include:

  • the overall outcomes of the project,
  • a summary of how grant funds have been used, and,
  • either a copy or link to the “digital media” produced.

A template for this final report will be available for successful applicants.


Applicants are invited to contact Ashley Edwards in advance of the submission deadline with any questions about potential projects.