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The Decolonizing the Library Working Group (DLWG) was formed in February 2020 out of the Decolonizing the Library Task Group. Our purpose is to implement and support the tasks and changes laid out in the Action Plan created by the Decolonizing the Library Task Group. The purpose of the Working Group is to ensure Indigenous peoples and perspectives are reflected and represented in library activities, collections, and spaces, and to appropriately acknowledge the location of SFU Libraries on Coast Salish territories. The Working Group will make efforts to align the reconciliation efforts of the Library with those of the university and broader society.

Philosophy and principles

The Working Group is guided by the philosophy “Nothing about us without us,” including and centering Indigenous voices in all we do. We recognize this work can only succeed by building reciprocal relationships and dialogue with Indigenous students, faculty, researchers, staff, and broader communities.  We affirm the principles outlined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, and we recognize and support Indigenous sovereignty.

Work Plan

Many of the targeted calls to action in the Aboriginal Reconciliation Council report, Walk This Path With Us, mention specific departments, levels, and/or aspects of the university. While many of these calls to action are not addressed specifically to the library, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to listen to these recommendations, and to consider how they might be taken up within library contexts. The Library’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan refresh added Decolonization and Reconciliation as a priority approach for all divisions within the library to incorporate into their work. 

The Working Group formulated a work plan under the headings identified within the ARC report recommendations. We hope that organizing our work in this way will support us in our efforts to provide a clear and effective response to the ARC recommendations, and to take up this work across the SFU Library. We have sub-divided our work plan into initiatives that are underway and ongoing, initiatives that are envisioned, and initiatives that are completed. 

DLWG Work Plan

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