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If you need help, please contact Adena Brons, Education Librarian at 778 782 7419 or or Ask a librarian.


The Curriculum Collection contains:

  • Materials for Preschool to Grade 12
  • Materials primarily in English and French, with select items in other languages
  • Award-winning children's literature, especially Canadian works
  • Materials of current significance to BC curriculum, including teacher resources, textbooks and informational books
  • Resources that encourage engagement with diverse cultures and awareness of underserved populations

The Curriculum Collection is located on the 2nd Floor, Bennett Library (SFU Burnaby). 

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Books for children and young adults

Search the Library Catalogue using keywords for your topic, together with one of the subject terms below. For example:  
disabilities AND fiction | (indigenous OR aboriginal) AND juvenile literature

Subject terms:

Note: Children’s literature (fiction and non-fiction) cannot be searched for in the Library Catalogue by grade level or age.

For print books, use the filters to limit by Location: Curriculum Collection and Curriculum Oversize.

K-12 textbooks & teaching materials

The collection includes selected textbooks for use in B.C. schools, including teachers' editions.

 Browse in person

Books in the Curriculum Collection are organized using the Library of Congress classification system. This means they are classified by their subject. Books by the same author may not be located next to each other. Books are also not grouped by reading level, audience, or genre.

To find a book in the Library you need to know its Call Number, which is listed on the spine of the book and in its catalogue record.

Key call number ranges in the Curriculum Collection

  • D – History - General and Ancient
  • E 75-99 – History of Indigenous people of North America 
    • Includes Indigenous storytelling, teaching, fiction and non fiction 
  • FC – History - Canada
  • PN – World literature, criticism, and poetry 
    • PN 6700-6790 – Comic Books, Strips, Graphic Novels etc.
  • PR – English and Canadian literature 
  • PS – American literature 
  • PZ – Children's literature / fairy tales 
  • Q – Sciences

 Historical material

For past provincially-recommended resources, see SFU Library's Collection of Recommended Learning Resources

For curriculum guides (a.k.a. integrated resource packages) produced by the BC Ministry of Education, search subject British Columbia curricula with your subject and grade level.

For historical curricular resources and textbooks, include location filters: Historical Curriculum Collection and Lam Collection. The University of Victoria Libraries provide a unique collection of British Columbia Historical Textbooks used in British Columbia’s public schools since the province joined confederation in 1871.

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